Emergency Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project (EFDRP), Component E: Project Management

Project Details

Detailed Narrative Description of the Project:

The program aims to help reduce human suffering and damage due to water induced disaster through improved and better prepared to deal with possible flood. The specific objectives are to:

a. Better understand the existing flood risk reduction provision in the country with special focus on the Koshi River,

b. Provide concrete recommendations to institutional strengthening of DWIDP including for flood forecasting and early warning, and 

c. Undertake a strategic and systematic approach for flood risk reduction thereby strengthening the existing capacities of DWIDP in flood risk reduction, mitigation and management, promoting institutional cooperation as well as to enhance the preparedness of the Department to implement the possible subsequent phases of flood risk reduction efforts in future.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by AGMES Consultants:

(i) Prepare suitable Institutional Development Plan considering future development and improvement works.

(ii) Assess the strength and weaknesses of the DWIDP by carrying out SWOT analysis.

(iii) Carry out analysis of its organizational structure, its organizational outreach, the human resources and the absorptive capacity on the background of the service delivery to be effectively discharged to the people and come up with recommendations.

(iv) Assess its role, responsibilities and authorities on the background of the principle of organization dynamics and effective service delivery and provide necessary recommendations.

(v) Undertake additional tasks as required by the DWIDP /PCO.

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