Commercial Agriculture Development Project

Project Details

Detailed Narrative Description of the Project:
CADP aims to reduce poverty in the rural communities by accelerating the processes of agricultural commercialization by building on earlier project initiatives, and responding to the needs of stakeholders by strengthening their linkages and ensuring fairer benefits to the poor and disadvantaged communities and women.  The project has five components namely (1) Commercial Agriculture Investment and Management, (2) Inclusive Development of Stakeholders, (3) Market Information Dissemination, (4) Capacity Enhancement of Project Partners, and (5) Project Implementation Support.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by AGMES Consultants:

(i) Act as Advisor to the Project Manager on project planning and implementation issues, providing assistance with work planning, scheduling and coordination of inputs, determination of priorities and management of project resources. (ii) Provide overall team leadership for coordination of the activities of all the consultants (iii) Supervise for the establishment of the complaint redressal mechanism (iv) Review, revise and finalize the standard operating procedures, business plan, and code of conduct of CAA. (v) Supervise the preparation of detailed sub-project selection criteria. (vi) Assist the Project to select appropriate market chain development opportunities in each district. (vii) Provide guidance to the processing and marketing consultants and the private sector in the establishment of agro-processing and marketing enterprises (ix) Develop M&E system which is output and outcome oriented.  (x) Assist the Project to implement and to institutionalize participatory approaches. (xi) Assist the Project to achieve more continuity of individual efforts at all levels to ensure that the new practices are effectively introduced and to overcome the natural conservatism of staff inexperienced in these new processes; and to (xii) Undertake any other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Project Manager.

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