Asset Management

Asset Management

AGMES Consultants offers a comprehensive condition assessment service, centered around creating a well-documented framework to evaluate and score the health of assets. This process aims to achieve two primary objectives: to gain a thorough understanding of the asset's life cycle and to define the technical end of its useful life.

Our condition assessment service includes:

  1. Assessments of the Entire Asset Base: Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of the entire asset base to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the overall health and condition of all assets involved.
  2. Targeted Assessment:

a.  Specific Asset Element (For Known Problems): Where specific issues or problems are identified or suspected, we carry out focused assessments on the relevant asset elements to address and resolve these concerns effectively.

b.  Particular Asset Element (For Proximity to Aggressive Environment): In cases where certain asset elements are in close proximity to aggressive environmental factors, we conduct targeted assessments to proactively assess and mitigate potential risks or damages.

By engaging our condition assessment service, clients can gain valuable insights into the current state of their assets, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, repair, and replacement strategies. Our goal is to assist clients in optimizing asset performance, extending their life cycle, and ensuring a reliable and sustainable operation.